Welcome Digital Freight Partners

List of marketing guidelines and assets for the MercuryGate Digital Freight Marketplace.

Onboarding - Partner Listing

The first step for onboarding a Digital Freight Partner is to complete the onboarding form. MercuryGate marketing team will use the information to promote your participation.

Marketing Guidelines for Social, Press Releases, Blogs, Webinars, Campaigns, or Co-Branded Materials

Social Media Guidelines

MercuryGate welcomes opportunities to post partner content to our social media channels. Some of the content we consider for our social channels: press releases, webinar promotion, blogs, joint case studies, white papers, and eBooks. Content must be relevant to MercuryGate’s customers and/or prospects and is subject to MercuryGate approval. All social posts are also subject to scheduling availability.

Press Release Guidelines

To issue a press release about becoming a MercuryGate Digital Freight Partner, please submit content for review and approval prior to publication. We provide the appropriate MercuryGate boilerplate content for the release and a quote from a MercuryGate executive. We may also promote your release through our social media or other marketing channels if appropriate. As a general policy, MercuryGate does not issue press releases regarding the addition of new participants to the Digital Freight Marketplace Program.

Blog Guidelines

MercuryGate welcomes guest blog content from partners. Content focuses on thought leadership topics that add value for customers and prospects. Blogs should be 500-750 words in length. All content must be approved by MercuryGate. Publishing is subject to scheduling availability. We promote blog content through our social media channels and encourage partners to do the same.

Co-Branded Webinars and Campaigns Guidelines

MercuryGate welcomes the opportunity to participate in partner-hosted webinars that are relevant to our prospects and customers. We are open to providing a panelist or guest speaker for partner-hosted webinars, subject to content approval and scheduling availability.

Participation in co-branded webinars is subject to schedule availability and content review. Preference is given to any webinar or initiative that involves customer-approved case study content or direct customer participation.

Joint Collateral Guidelines

MercuryGate welcomes collaborations on partner-developed collateral that promotes our combined offer. When MercuryGate logo or product information is included in partner collateral, all content must be submitted to MercuryGate for review and approval before publication.

MercuryGate makes co-branded collateral available to our customers and sales team on our website and internal website to help ensure that our sales teams and customers have access to the benefits of our partners’ solutions. Customer case studies are a top priority for MercuryGate, and we are open to working with partners on co-branded case studies.

MercuryGate provides product information, logos, and other information necessary to producing a quality and complete user story. All content must be reviewed and approved by MercuryGate prior to publication.

Customer Newsletter Highlight

MercuryGate publishes a monthly newsletter that is distributed to all active customers. On a rotating basis, we feature Partners with a brief introduction (200 characters) and a link. We welcome submissions of relevant content for promotion in the newsletter. Examples of content featured include press releases, webinar promotion, blog posts, customer case studies, white papers, or eBooks. All content is subject to review and approval, and scheduling availability.

Additional Questions

Please contact [email protected].